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The greatest homecoming of your heart and soul


A pilgrimage of your soul back into your body. 

A prayer in motion. 

A Dance of Devotion. 

A 3 day immersive ceremony of remembrance, reunion and returning

yourself back to God source.


Alchemizing of your feminine & masculine polarities

Weaving of your inner waters and fire

harmonzing of your inner and outer world 

As we restore the lost template of creation into oneness 

while separation dissolves back to love

We journey into higher realms of consciousness with the support 

Of our greatest teachers and allies marijuana and Psilocybin mushroom.


These medicines from the earth are alive, filled with secrets,

wisdom and are here to guide us. 

To show us the truth of our own being,

share with us the beauty and interconnectedness of all existence,

lead us back home to the womb of the great mother,

And to write a new story of joy, freedom and embodied abundance 

As we remember that we are the garden of eden and kingdom of heaven lies within us. 


This is not a conventional retreat.

This is not a weekend of learning. 

This is not a experience of the mind.

This is a decent into the void 

And an ascent into Gods grace and glory. 

Join us and become a living testimony of the power of Union.

The ancient future.

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10th-11-12th August, Qc. Sutton * Prerequisite: All participants are requires to have sit at least once in ceremony (Ganja, Soma Amrita or other Entheogen) with Krishna.  INVESTEMENT: 900$ *EARLY BIRD: 800$ (*Before the 14th of July) Shared room. All food include (vegetarian) Register to the event and you will receive the participation form and the link for paiement.

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Awaken Your Union

Union is our greatest call to awakening

and coming back into our power.

 will you answer the call and join us?

Meet Your Guides

Simran Rose is an earth shaman and medicine woman of the underworld. Guardian and keeper of the womb, protector of all that is sacred, Simmis passion and purpose are to be of service to the feminine rising and help women reclaim their bodies, their sexualities and their power through tantric practices and dance movement as we reawaken the earth body and its elemental wisdom. She holds sacred space as she mirrors you to your inner flame as a powerful creator and portal between worlds. 

Krishna has been dedicated, since childhood, in his quest for Spirit. He journeyed through diverse paths, from the ancient Red Path rituals of North America - Inipi, Sun Dance, Vision Quest, and Chanunpa - to the healing embrace  of entheogens in Mexico and South America. He studied and practiced Mahayana Buddhism and immersed himself in the transformative and profound practices of Yoga, enriching and unfolding his understanding of unity and transcendence. Today, as a dedicated practitioner and guide of the Yatra Yoga path, he guides transformative journeys, harmonizing body, heart, mind, and Soul guiding seekers towards Awakening, Self-Realization and Union.


The future is

This is a journey for your liberation, a pathway to self-realization, and an awakening of consciousness towards oneness and eternal love.

Meet the Team

Our unique and amazing team for this journey is a dedicated group, united by a shared commitment to personal growth, collective well-being, and life changing experiences.

The revelation

The feminine and masculine stepping into their divine roles in this sacred dance of polarity & co-creation of a third entity

e t e r n a l love.

That binds them both into the forever now.


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PLAY and ALIGNEMENT. A unique approach to the spiritual journey, infused with play and alignment, allowing you to learn and progress in the best and most efficient way. Our retreat strikes a balance between discipline, commitment, and time for play and integration. We create a container where your own transformation, life perception, and knowledge of the Self are at the core of our service.

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AUTHENTIC WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE: We will guide you on this journey with all our gifts. Our teachings spring from my life long quest back to spirit and so, our direct experience. we are here for you, nothing less, nothing more, as a flame that lights the way to self-discovery. In service and devotion, we guide you the direction of the supreme and offer you the best tools we have received and developted. 


WHOLENESS IN PRACTICE: In our sanctuary, we seamlessly bring together meditation, breathwork, yoga, mantra and embodied movement. This holistic approach nurtures body, mind, and soul, bringing you into harmonious alignment with your true nature and the Source. 


NATURE CONNECTION: Engage in practices and participate in rituals that deepen your connection with nature, opening gateways to the vast, untamed realms within and around you. Immerse yourself in the natural world, where the boundaries between the self and the earth dissolve, and the extraordinary harmony of life becomes your new reality.


COMMUNITY AND FRIENDSHIP: A community of fellow spiritual explorer coming together to uplift to a new level of consciousness, connect and share experience with. Like mind people from diverse background to explore question and insight and enjoy the journey with joy, support and love. 


Every path path requires specific tools and techniques for a successful journey. Understanding and mastering these essentials is game changer to navigate life's reality, dimension and passage.



Opening our voices, coming together in circle, singing and playing a symphony of devotion. All connected in vibration, our melodies rise like incense, emitting frequency of love,  carrying heart intention to Spirit.  We merge with cosmic grace, in joy and surrender of sacred song and the supreme.



The elixir of gods, flows as the nectar of inner revelation.The Yogic key to Self Realization. Trough its essence, personality is transcend, one taste and see immortality and unite with the boundless universe. When experience with the yogic technique, the voyage back to Soul and Source is experience and felt. 

Let us return back to the  heart and bones of the

earth and heal. 

Let us open our hearts to the medicine of our

own melodies and ancient songs. 

Let us be a divine reflection of beauty for one another. 

Let us be guided back home ~ the place where we are already whole, complete and in union with all of life.

The Venue

Where you will be nested.

All our retreat ceremonies are held in beautiful space surrounded by nature. It is a primordial element for this journey as nature supports this process with grace and the caring of the cosmic mother. We intentionally choose locations on the earth grid where you feel a sense deep inner peace,  relaxation of your body and for your nervous system to feel safe for this inner process.

Rooms are shared with either 2 or 3 people. 


 All meals are sourced locally & organically, vegetarian and made on site with love by a professional chef. 


This is for all the souls desiring & ready to

  • Let go of the old stories, narratives, identities, attachments.

  • Heal & restore their relationship to God and what God means.

  • Safely journey with plant and fungi medicines in an intentional, supportive, and highly intimate environment with an experienced team of facilitators.

  • Open and receive the teachings of cannabis + medical mushrooms.

  • Explore and expand into their spiritual understanding beyond what they have been taught and know to be true. 

  • Build a strong foundation of sell trust, self knowing and self love.

  • Open their heart to deeper layers of love and profound sense of joy. 

  • Feel a sense of belonging, community and connection with other likeminded souls devoted to truth and walking the path of Self-Growth. 


10-11-12 AUGUST 2024


  EARLY BIRD 800$ 

  900$ AFTER JULY 14th  

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