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"The most eye and heart opening experience I have ever had."

- Amin Kazoura

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 See who you Are


“In service for a world where all beings are free, seeing and listening to their inner truth, living a life of beauty, joy, love,  abundance and harmony with Nature’’ 



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My journey of Self Realization has been a sacred odyssey guided by the radiant presence of my lineage. Like an intrepid explorer, I ventured into both the seen and unseen realms, traversing the earth to gather wisdom from diverse paths that resonated with the whispers of my soul.


My voyage began by diving in the sacred Red Path of the indigenous peoples of North America. In the rituals of the Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, Chanunpa, and Sun Dance, I discovered the profound resonance of ancestral ways. These rituals spoke of the timeless connection between humanity and the cosmos, illuminating the essence of our passage through this world.


The journey led me further, guiding me to ceremonies and teachings woven into the fabric of Mexico and South America. Among the healing embrace of Ayahuasca, Peyote, Buffo, Kambo, and Psilocybin Mushrooms, I delved into the heart of consciousness itself. These entheogenic experiences unveiled a deeper understanding of life's mysteries, leading me towards healing, liberation and love.


The study and practice of timeless traditions brought me deeper still. I delved in the profound teachings of Buddhism, aligning with the lineage of Mahayana and Shamatha meditations. Once I was ripe, the intricate threads of Hinduism and the path of Yoga, specifically Sivananda, Hatha-Vinyasa and Ashtanga, wove themselves into my being, connecting me with my spiritual family and enriching my understanding of unity and transcendence. I plunge into the body, heart and mind, letting it reveal to me it secrets and beauty.


Through years of devoted practice, I culminated my journey in the revelation of Soma Amrita from the ancient Rig Vedas, and many rituals that transcended the bounds of this material realm. In these moments, with time, Self-Realization dawned—a profound understanding of the divine play within this universe, and, most significantly, of who I truly AM. It ignited a fervent passion and a resounding purpose that connected in all level of consciousness and in harmony with this Earth. Absolute clarity was seen, through the calm water of the mind and the opening of all energy centers.


Today, as a devoted practitioner and teacher of the Yatra Yoga way, I stand as a vessel of ancient wisdom, ready to share a transformative journey with seekers like you. I offer a powerful and compassionate pathway to harmonize the body, heart, mind, and soul into the symphony of the supreme. My purpose is to serve as your guide, leading you towards the ultimate realms of Awakening and Self-Realization.


In my guidance, you will discover the profound unveiling of who you truly are, as the layers of illusion and ego dissolve, revealing the radiant core of your being. Just as Krishna guided Arjuna through the depths of self-understanding, I am here to illuminate the path, empowering you to step into your authentic essence and experience the boundless expanses of unity and realization.


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The Yatra Yoga Path

Red Rose

The path of Yatra Yoga is a profound journey of inner exploration. A yogic odyssey that weaves its tapestry through the ancient verses of the Rig-Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita and the Sutra of Patanjali. Rooted in those sacred scriptures, it encompasses the harmonious union of body, mind, and spirit, leading seekers towards the awakening of Kundalini energy and the realization of the Self.

At the heart of Yatra Yoga lies a sacred array of practices, each a facet of the jewel of spiritual evolution. Dhyana, the art of meditation, provides the stillness through which the inner divine can be perceived. Pranayama, the science of breath control, aligns the life force, channeling it towards spiritual awakening. Asana, the physical postures, acts as a vessel to refine the body's alignment, energies and to purify the mind. Bhajan, the devotion-filled singing of sacred hymns, stirs the heart's longing for the divine. And, within the embrace of Tantra, the cosmic dance of polarities emerge, revealing the unity in all existence.

This transformative journey culminates in the ceremony of Soma Amrita. Anointed in the elixir of the gods, this sacred rite serves as a portal to expanded consciousness. It is the seeker's communion with the divine nectar of knowledge, non-death, drawing from the universal river of wisdom that flows within and outwards.

To walk the path of Yatra Yoga requires qualities that transcend the ordinary. True heart aspiration propels the seeker forward with an unquenchable thirst for inner realization that surpasses material desires. Discipline and an unwavering commitment to the practices, paves the way towards the inner sanctuary. Discernment and a sharp and clear mind, acts as a torch to light the path amidst the labyrinth of spiritual experiences.

As one moves forward, it is the virtues of courage, love, and devotion that truly set the seeker free. Courage dismantles the walls of fear, allowing the heart to embrace the unknown. Love becomes the compass that guides one through the intricate landscapes of the soul. Devotion, the jewel in the heart's crown, ignites a profound connection to the source of all existence, melting away the shackles of suffering.


In the realm of Yatra Yoga, the journey is not a linear path, but a spiral staircase that leads inward, deeper with each step. It is the sacred pilgrimage to the core of one's being, a passage through the veils of illusion into the radiant light of realization. As the seeker walks this path with unwavering determination, they merge with the cosmic dance of creation, uncovering the timeless truth that they are not separate from the universe but an integral part of its infinite melody.



It is about sitting with oneself and all that exists inside to see what is being revealed. In doing so, we allow the mind to settle, the water to become like a still lake from which we can see it's depth and beauty. 

The mental paradigm is in constant distraction, trying to figure out what is the next good move, the best action that one should take to become happier and more alive. The reality is that the mental aspect of the human experience is not able to answer those existential questions. The mind is a never-ending loop of ideas, fantasies, imagination, and problem solving; no clear truth is emerging from it. Once we sit in stillness, we agree to stop the infinite marathon of exhaustion and madness that we are trapped in. We become free from the addiction of thought and start focusing on breath. In doing so, we create space for life and for clear visions to appear in front of us. It is on the inside emptiness of the mind that revelation of our nature will be heard. It is in letting go that the dots will connect and meaning will come to us.



Proper breathing connects us to the body’s main battery - the solar plexus and the digestive system - which are an enormous reservoir of energy. Mastery of the breath, of life force energy, is a door to other dimension and reality.

The breathing techniques of pranayama set this energy in motion and revitalize both body and mind. By consciously regulating our breath, we’re able to store more Prana (life energy) and draw on these energy reserves in our daily life. - dlshq Today, we know that most of our diseases are due to stress and inflammation. The practice of Pranayama relaxes our nervous system, which allows inflammations to decrease and disease to heal. When we are relaxed, our body functions more efficiently, vitamins are absorbed in a wider range, our muscles are less tense and more efficient, etc. With the continuous practice of Pranayama, we respond to our environment in a more peaceful and accurate way, no matter what comes our way. Pranayamas increases energy, vigour, vitality, longevity, and better health overall. It can open ourselves to a wider vision of reality, clear the resistance of our energy channels allowing a natural flow of life inside us. When properly done, it can create an inner vibration that shakes away toxicities and brings alignement and integrity into our journey. It is the first inhale of our coming on Earth and our last exhale when we depart to and from the matter.



Asanas are yogic postures meant to bring the fluctuation of the mind in stillness, allowing inner vibration to become peaceful, loving and joyful. Every asana unblocks resistance and allows energy flow, alignment, and transcendence. 

It offers a practice that transmutes suffering into joy, brings knowledge and inner peace. The correct practice of Asanas has a positive effect on the whole body. It enhance flexibility in muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments, while also stimulating circulation. Postures have a rejuvenating effect on the whole organism; when performed slowly and in awareness, the asanas give a sense of physical well-being. Asanas are focused on the health of the spine. The spine is the base of the central nervous system: the body’s communication system. The spine is a direct extension of the brain, so a healthy, straight spine promotes the health of the entire body. Keeping the spine strong and flexible through proper exercise stimulates blood circulation, ensures an adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen to the nerves, and maintains a healthier body. Our Yoga Asanas come from the lineage and teachings of Sivananda Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasas. With time, our practice of Asanas creates an aligned and fluid structure for the body, heart, and mind. It allows us to build a strong foundation for the process of Self Realization. It is an essential part of our Yoga. Asanas is the body temple care and strengthening. It clears blockages in different energy centers and Nadis (channels) to give free way for the Kundalini, life force to rise in the whole being.

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" We drank the Soma Amrita; we have become immortal;
we went to the light; we have found the gods.
What can enmity do to us now, and what is the malice of a mortal,

O immortal? "

Rigveda 8.48.3, Hymns Vedic Sanskrit



Bhajans are devotional songs that are sung and shared in groups. The words and mantra are used as primordial technology to bring the mind in trance, expanding the perception of reality and connection with the universe. 


Soma Amrita

Elixir of gods and seekers, it flows as nectar of divine knowing. Sipped from the cup of ancient rituals, it unveils truths hidden in the cosmic dance. Through its essence, one tastes immortality, and unites with the boundless universe.



Tantra, a sacred path woven through Yogic traditions, celebrates life's unity. It reveres the divine in every experience, embracing light and shadow.

They create a sense of togetherness and union with the goddesses, the gods, the great One, and all our relations. The songs are Mantra from the Hindu Yogic lineage. Ideas from scriptures, legendary epics, the teachings of saints, and a loving devotion to a deity are typical subjects. The way into Bhajans is to listen to the subtle vibration and chanting of the invisible beings and harmonize our own breath and voices with them, to connect with our heart and sing from that place in complete surrender. Bhajan creates a powerful vortex that brings its' participants into a trance where clarity, vision, joy, and peace can emerge.

Soma Amrita means "the elixir of non-death" in Sanscrit. This ceremony is an invitation to liberation, self-realization, and the awakening of consciousness into oneness and eternal love. It is a passage to go beyond what our senses perceive in matter, and experience the worlds in which we inhabit (within ourselves and with all beings) in a new way. This journey is an opportunity to dissolve our limiting conditioning, beliefs, and patterns, and come into contact with bliss and the mysteries and magic of our universe. The Soma Amrita is an elixir prepared with natural entheogen and ingredients. The ceremony is guided with devotional songs, mantra, and music. It opens the door of our consciousness to the mystical experience of Self Realization. Since the rise of humanity, people of the world have been using natural psychedelic substances like plants, mushrooms, and cacti to explore their consciousness, the inner world, and the many realities of creation. As a spiritual modality and a healing practice, ceremonial use of entheogens offers a transcendental journey to lift the veil of what is unseen, they are seen as a gift from Mother Nature by many cultures. Egyptians, for example, consumed a sacred lotus (Nymphaea caeruleaa) for significant spiritual and magical rites such as the rite of passage into the afterlife. In the Vedas (the oldest scripture of Hinduism) the Soma, a drink made of entheogenic plants is mentioned as a way to the divine and liberation. The Shamans of Siberia used the Amanita Muscaria. In Papua New Guinea and Mexico, psilocybin mushrooms. In Africa, the Bwiti used a root bark called Iboga. In North America, medicine men and women used Peyote cactus. Many spiritual paths across the world have used, and are still using, Santa Maria ~ Canabis in rituals to heal, receive insight, awaken the primordial energy and connect with the One. These are but a few of the natural sacred medicines of the Earth that allowed humanity to develop a powerful relationship with itself, this planet, and all life and its' great mysteries. Our ceremonies are led and structured through years of experience in the practice. We create a positive environment to allow ourselves to dive in and voyage safely and with confidence. This journey is a gift that allows you to access what is greater than the three-dimensional material world. It is a gift of exploration, an opportunity to consider the realms of our being, the universe and all what IS.

It transcends conventional norms and beliefs, seeking a profound union of the individual with the cosmos. It encompasses a diverse range of practices and philosophies that aim to awaken and harness the dormant divine energy within each being. At its core, Tantra recognizes the interconnectedness of all existence and celebrates the divine essence that permeates every aspect of life, from the sensual to the spiritual. Tantric practices involve rituals, meditation, breathwork, mantras, and yoga, all designed to awaken the dormant Kundalini energy, symbolized as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. As this energy rises through the chakras, it activates the chakras and leads to spiritual awakening, self-realization, and union with the divine. It embraces the entire spectrum of human experience. It encourages individuals to embrace their desires, emotions, and physical sensations as pathways to enlightenment and a deeper connection with the divine. Ultimately, Tantra is a path of transformation, inviting seekers to transcend limitations, dissolve ego, and experience the oneness that underlies all of creation. It is a profound journey that recognizes that the sacred is found not only in temples and rituals but also in the very fabric of our lives.

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