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"I am changed forever."

- Bianka Rainbow

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Love Notes

“ I have participated in many practices, ceremonies and meditations guided by Krishna. His listening skills, his precise knowledge, his humility, his patience and his love make him an incomparable guide. Each experience has been a defining moment in my life path because Krishna has helped me find within myself the tools necessary for my transformation.”

Flor Morin Lafortune, Artist and actress. 

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“ Krishna embodies benevolent presence, devotion and humbleness. With the help of Life, he creates an atmosphere in which one feels totally welcomed and supported. Enveloped in this energy, our armour is removed in order to touch our vulnerability. In this way, wounds can be healed with Love. Thank you for continuing to walk on this luminous path which allows people who meet you and become aware of and open up to the magic of every moment! ”

– Geneviève Cartier, Tianshi practitioner

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“ Krishna is one of those rare beings of light that I have given all my trust to today. With each experience, I found myself in my place, anchored in the sacred, with a person entirely devoted to greater than imagined. Thank you for materializing with your hands and your soul significant moments! -Thank you for your courage and your teachings.”

– Carolane Arsenault, festival organizer


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