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Awakening and Self-Realization

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Happy day dear friends, I hope you are well, wherever you are. Today, I am sharing with you a concept that has been my life’s quest for the last 35 years.

No matter if you are on the Spiritual Journey or not, you might have heard about Awakening, Self-Realization and Enlightenment. On the Yogic path, it is the ultimate endeavor, the way to the Source of all that exists, the reunion with OneSelf, the Universe and Creation. The fusion of Spirit and Matter into the cosmic dance of the divine Feminine and the divine Masculine, the great Kundalini rising into unconditional love and total surrender. Many paths have been described, taught and followed by millions of people around the world for thousands of year. With the invasion, inquisition, colonization and oppression of empire and religion, the ancient wisdom and knowledge has been burned down, lost, banned and disrupted to almost to the heart of its essence. Many have died on the cross, in the fire of illegitimate power, drowned in the depth of slavery. Today, a resurgence is being birthed anew. We are ready for it, we have walked our way up to here, sometimes in secret, sometimes hidden in dark caves, most of the journey being judged by those who could not understand it. We are back, once and for all, shining our light and embracing our darkness, we won’t let our daemons destroy the beauty of who we are.

If you want to see IT all, to find your essence, who you are truly, out of the personality, conditioning, roles and behavior you have accept to play, the game is on. The great Lilas is coming to its end to emerge into a new world. On this path, everything will be asked from you. Here I share with you some aspect of the journey that I have encountered and experienced.

1. To start with, true unshakable heart's aspiration. As nothing else will be enough to overcome all challenges on the way.

2. Discipline, as our practice will be what will carry us back hOMe. Only with great discipline we are able to integrate the immense chaos that has been created to baffle us from who we are. Only with discipline and continuous practice we arrive to incarnate our higher Self and give place for our Spiritual being to come in front, to act on Earth dimension.

3. Profound discernment. About what is the illusion and what is the truth. The ability to separate the ego of the persona from the true teaching that lead to the actual experience of the Self. The quality to see beyond all projection from outside, all what will attract us to stay the same old person, all power who will, at some point, make us believe that we are becoming crazy, because this is what happens on the road.

4. This endeavor, to be the most important thing of our entire life. At some point, we have to choose. Because all of our attachments are going to be a wall that we will have to break down, let go and go through to reach the next step. All of them. Material, emotional, beliefs, relations, belonging. We find ourselves alone into emptiness. With no more ground to hold on. It’s not easy as you can imagine. But this is the way and we know it. At the end of the great journey, it is always perfect. Prepare yourself.

5. To be open when what lead us from darkness to light appears in front of us. At this moment, we can feel it as the most inexplicable attraction and unreasonable decision. To embrace it with all of our being. At this point, everything else will only slow our process as a distraction of our mind. No more questions are going to be answered to convince us. We are the only one to choose and have faith.

6. At the last step before falling into nothingness, the Supreme, only Love and Devotion give access to the Ultimate. This is the last key, and nobody except us can use it to unlock the last portal. This is IT. Let me know your feelings and thoughts, I am curious to hear you :) Blessings and love KRISHNA

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