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Soma Amrita

Soma Amrita

Happy day my friends, Today, an article on the elixir of Soma Amrita. May you enjoy and be guide on your search for truth.

“We have drunk the Soma Amrita; we have become immortal; we have gone to the light; we have found the gods. What can hostility do to us now, and what the malice of a mortal, o immortal one? In the Vedas, soma "is both a plant and a god."

– Rig Veda 8.48.3

In the realm of ancient spiritual wisdom, the elixir of Soma Amrita emerges as a mystical nectar, a celestial elixir that holds the key to immortality and transcendence. Rooted in the sacred texts and legends of various traditions, Soma Amrita symbolizes the awakening of consciousness, the union of the divine and human, and the attainment of profound spiritual realization.

Soma, often associated with the moon, represents the essence of divine consciousness. It is the celestial nectar that flows through the subtle channels of existence, imbued with the luminous qualities of light, bliss, and wisdom. Soma is the essence of life itself, the sacred elixir that nourishes and sustains the spiritual seeker on their journey toward ultimate truth.

Amrita, on the other hand, translates to "non-death" often called the "nectar of the gods." It is the embodiment of eternal life, transcending the confines of time and space. Amrita represents the realization of our true nature, the recognition that we are not merely limited to our physical forms, but are infinite, boundless beings connected to the divine cosmic consciousness.

In the quest for Soma Amrita, we embark upon a sacred journey, a path of inner exploration and self-discovery. It is a journey that traverses the realms of consciousness, unraveling the layers of conditioning, illusion, and limitation that veil our true essence. Like ancient alchemists, we seek to distill the essence of divine wisdom from the raw materials of our existence, transmuting the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Nowadays, the elixir of Soma Amrita is often portrayed as a not external substance to be sought after, but a realization that dawns from within. On the other hand, the source of Soma Amrita comes from the Rig Vedas, the most ancient scripture of the Yogic path. Here, it is very clear that the elixir is truly a drink that is being made by the extraction of secret substance mix with milk and others plants and ingredients. From that perspective and the experience describe by the writer, one can understand easily that this elixir is in fact psychedelic and this is the true reason why it gives all those vision and realization.

The Soma Amrita comes from Nature and this is of the utmost importance to recognize. If we take Nature, Prakriti, out of the equation toward Self Realization and awakening, we are back in the egoic mind that wants to control everything and attaint success by its own will and knowledge. The way to the Source is otherwise and the reason is simple: Spirit and Nature need to come together to be one again. Spirit and Nature is all that exist and by trying once more to separate them, one will only recreate the story of illusion, oppression and disbalance. This is where the mind needs to surrender and be taken by the power of Prakriti, SHAKTI ∞ KALI. This is the ultimate ecstasies and melting of dimension, space, time and the rapture of the individual persona.

This is the recognition that we are not separate from Nature, from Spirit and from the Supreme, but an integral part of the cosmic tapestry of existence. It is the remembrance of our inherent divinity, the awakening to the infinite wellspring of wisdom, love, and bliss that resides at the core of our being.

To partake in the sacred nectar of Soma Amrita, we must cultivate an open heart, an receptive mind, a willingness to surrender to the divine flow of life, to GOD. It is a journey of purification and transformation, where we shed the layers of egoic identification, fears, and attachments that keep us bound to limited perceptions of reality. Through the practices of Yoga; meditation, asana, self-inquiry, bhajan, mantra and the cultivation of virtues such as heart aspiration, discipline, discernment, compassion and gratitude, we purify our vessel, creating the space for the divine nectar to flow freely.

As the elixir of Soma Amrita flow within us, it bestows upon us profound gifts. It grants us clarity of perception, unveiling the interconnectedness of all beings and the underlying unity of existence. It fills us with a sense of deep inner peace and contentment, irrespective of the external circumstances. It ignites the flame of wisdom, illuminating the path of self-realization and guiding us toward the realization of our true nature.

In the embrace of Soma Amrita, we transcend the limitations of the mundane and touch the realms of the divine. We merge in the cosmic dance of existence, Shiva ∞ Shakti, becoming vessels of love, joy, unwavering presence and profound wisdom. The elixir of Soma Amrita nourishes our body, heart and connect us with our Soul, quenching the eternal thirst for truth, and guiding us toward the ultimate realization of our inherent divinity.

As we embark upon this mystical journey, may we open our hearts and minds to the sacred nectar of Soma Amrita. May we drink deeply from the wellspring of divine wisdom, embracing the eternal truth that resides within us. In the realization of Soma Amrita, may we awaken to our true essence, embodying the divine light that shines forth from the depths of our being.

Come, oh come and drink dear beloved seeker of Love. Your walk in the desert of sorrow is coming to its end. Your thirst will be quenched and the perfume of the roses will lift you to the garden of eternal grace.


Hari Om Tat Sat

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